The Gold Coast Guitar Making  School now offers a variety of courses, in the art of acoustic guitar building on the Gold Coast, Queensland.


For the love of strings and wood from ABC Open Gold Coast


Students who attend the Gold Coast Guitar Making School are personally guided through each and every process during the course. We take the time to demonstrate both traditional and modern methods of acoustic guitar making and  'demystify' some of the secrets of building exceptional handmade guitars!

Our approach is somewhat unique in the sense that we are also full time acoustic guitar makers who produce world class custom acoustic guitars for the Australian and International market! The Gold Coast Guitar Making School is located in Fenech Guitars purpose built workshop and students who attend our courses will gain unprecedented access to all our workshop has to offer, including;

There are no prior skills required to attend our classes and we limit our class numbers to ensure that our students take home a high quality handmade custom guitar.


Course Delivery Types